Our Story

HBF was founded in 2007 by a group of people from the Hair and Beauty Industry with the sole aim of promoting the highest standards within the industry. The Federation aims to act with integrity and in an ethical manner.

HBF is also a registered Voluntary Organisation (Reg. No VO 89/2008).

HBF is also a member of Coiffure EU, the European representative association of hairdressers.

Our Mission

To bring together all parties within the hair, beauty and nails industry to collaborate on issues relating to the industry in a professional and ethical manner

Our Objectives

- To provide an organisation in order to promote and protect the interests of the hair, beauty and nails industry.

- To make a concerted effort to contribute towards creating standards of the hair, beauty and nails industry.

- To offer our experience and assistance to the relevant authorities in the formulation of the national curriculum for Hairdressing, Beauty and Nail Technicians.

- To collaborate with the various Government departments to enhance these professions in Malta.

- To support training providers of this industry in implementing standards.

- To promote international exchange.

- To offer our services and experience in the formulation of legislation to regulate these professions.

- To support professionals defined in Article 8 of this Statute through: Providing a professional service to their customers; Safeguarding their interests within the legal framework; Providing continuous professional development in order to keep professionals up-to-date.

- To bring awareness amongst professionals of their rights and obligations.

- To create a space for collaboration between various members of the Federation in order to safeguard the hair, beauty and nail profession.

The above objectives are safeguarded unless their interpretation by any member contravenes any law within the Laws of Malta.

Code of Ethics

Principle 1: Honesty: Honesty honours the trust placed in the Professional. Honesty shall transpire in products, services, standards, keeping to the legal framework.

Principle 2: Loyalty: Loyalty towards the profession shall be promoted and practiced through loyalty towards the customer giving a sense of security, reliability and assurance.  

Principle 3: Autonomy: Freedom of choice gives the client the right to be self-governing as part of the respect and appreciation shown towards the customer.

Principle 4: Professionalism: Competence, Outcome-oriented, Integrity, Passion. Thus, the Federation members seek that they are:

        • COMPETENCE (Knows What, Knows Why, Knows How) that is qualified or in the process of being qualified (working under supervision).
        • OUTCOME-ORIENTED: Can do the job from the beginning to end without supervision to set standards or objectives; provides results, not excuses; feels that they can make a difference (empowered); takes measured risks.
        • INTEGRITY (Open shared values): Values shall be shared within one vision according to the Maltese and EU framework.
        • CARE (Passion): The profession is conducted with care towards colleagues and customers in a non-judgemental way and without prejudice.

Principle 5: Social Responsibility: Customer and Environment Centricity: a commitment towards promoting the customer’s and environment’s well-being directly and indirectly.

Principle 6: Impartiality: Fairness and equality/equitability shall assure the impartial provision of service treatment in the and the fair and impartial treatment of all customers and the provision of adequate services and products according

Principle 7: Faith: Self-respect fosters the practitioner’s self-knowledge and care for self whilst it shall be transmitted to customers through practice.

Principle 8: Compliance: Keeping to this code of ethics shall help any practitioner to keep to the laws, regulations and standards expected by customers. 

The Executive Commitee

Marica Gauci


Audrey Bonanno

Vice President

Jesmond Friggieri

Executive Secretary

Ramon Vella

International Relations Officer

Dorothy Meli

Assistant Secretary

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